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What if you could find your next job very, very quietly?

Did you know that over 70% of the positions are filled in an almost invisible “Hidden Job Market” every year?

Our unique “Talent and Opportunity Match” search engine lets us identify potential employers and positions that you have been looking for. They are quality employers who are ready to hire and will normally make a fast decision.

The job market is not all about the positions advertised on SEEK, CareerOne and/or other job boards. Discreetly being introduced to a “Hiring Ready” employer is a smarter way to secure your next job. It also makes you more valuable from employers’ perspectives as good candidates often do not actively search on job boards.

So why are there over 70% of positions not advertised on job boards?

In addition to cost saving reasons as advertising is expensive, there is less fuss. Employers and recruiters do not need to be concerned about sifting through large numbers of CV coming through the job boards and wasting valuable time interviewing less qualified candidates.

If you’ve had any thoughts of finding your next dream job or simply want to get an update on how the job market is going, please do not hesitate to give us a call for a strictly confidential discussion.

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